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Environmentally friendly logistics system

Environmentally friendly logistics system

Sustainable logistics system

Sustainable logistics system

Domestic and overseas logistics compliance

Domestic and overseas logistics compliance

We support SCM reform and logistics reform from the perspective of shippers, based on the know-how of electrical and precision equipment logistics that we have cultivated over many years as a logistics subsidiary of NEC. 


*SCM (Supply Chain Management): Strategic business management method

It is a solution that proposes the "ideal" of the current situation and future for various issues and needs from improvement of customer's site to supply chain construction and planning of distribution strategy.

  • 01

    Creation of ideal form

    • ・SCM/logistics reform in management reform
    • ・Organizational change (establishment of Logistics Department)
    • ・Logistics KPI* setting and cost review

    *KPI :Key Performance Indicator

  • 02

    Logistics reform

    • ・Draft of location of bases, and preparation of workflow
    • ・Logistics company SLA* setting
    • ・Preparation of specifications for logistics system outline, and 3PL evaluation

    *SLA :Service Level Agreement

  • 03

    Operational efficiency

    • ・LT review, transport and delivery operations, operations in warehouses, and layout improvement
    • ・EPA*/FTA* utilization and tax savings

    *EPA :Economic Partnership Agreement
    *FTA :Free Trade Agreement

  • 04

    Packing improvement

    • ・Grouping by product characteristic size
    • ・Standardized packing specifications
    • ・Preparation of specifications and design documents
Customer Benefits
  • We can make proposals that take advantage of our knowledge gained from NEC's experience in production innovation and logistics reform.
  • We support the reform of logistics from the perspective of shippers who understand manufacturing, and connect “making," “selling," and “transporting."
  • We continue to make concrete proposals for implementation, starting with proposals for the ideal form.