Integration Logistics Solutions


Do you experience any of the following problems?

Want the LCM cycle to flow smoothly

Want the LCM* cycle to flow smoothly

Want to deploy a large number of devices in a short period of time

Want to deploy a large number of devices in a short period of time

Want to outsource the on-site operation

Want to outsource the on-site operation

*LCM :Life Cycle Management

We consistently act as an agent for the complicated delivery arrangements and process management for nationwide equipment delivery.


Import procurement agency/Inventory management

  • Inventory management
  • Cross-dock function
  • Planning Integrated schedule to Progress management
  • Distribution processing operation, etc.

On-site survey

  • Carry-in route check
  • Equipment survey to be replaced
  • Creation of on-site survey record, etc.

Assembly and kitting

  • Pre-assembly of fixtures, large displays, etc.
  • Kitting of PC and PR
  • Inclusion of information terminals to Kitting
  • Other distribution processing

Transportation and delivery

  • Mesh delivery service combined our truck line network and NX Group network
  • Simplified packing and transportation for large heavy items

On-site operation

  • Unpacking
  • Desk top installation
  • Line connection / line alignment
  • Start-up confirmation
  • Applications and drivers installation
  • Connectivity Test
  • Print test, etc.

Collection process

  • Old equipment collection
  • Data delete operation
  • Collection of packing materials, empty boxes, etc.

Refresh Operation

  • Data delete operation
  • Initialization
  • Kitting for reshipment, etc.

Maintenance Logistics

  • Kitting of replacement equipment & delivery
  • Collection of failure equipment
  • Return to maintenance center
  • Kitting of refurbish equipment
  • Creating equipment management record

In addition, in the series of LCM (Lifecycle Management), we will consult with you about the construction of a sendback maintenance scheme, EOL * management of spare machines, IT asset management, etc.

*EOL :End Of Life

Customer Benefits
  • By combining the materials from multiple vendors and delivering, we reduce the number of customers’ man-hours.
  • Our distribution processing function(Assembly / Kitting work) simplifies on-site work and delivery.
  • We will ensure smooth cooperation with collection and maintenance operations according to Life Cycle Management (LCM).